Take Goth To The Gym With Bonnie’s Bat Boutique Activewear

By Bonnie’s Bat Boutique’s creator, Poppy Augarde

If the rare, far and few between impulses creep up on you to get your sweat on, keeping your ever-important goth aesthetic gleaming while working out isn’t exactly the easiest thing to accomplish.
Being somewhat of a goth myself, I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t getting the most out of my workouts while being smacked in the face by my numerous crosses and keychains. Buffy just makes it look SO easy.

One day I looked down at my drab generic high street get up, sighed, and thought to myself, “This just won’t do.”

I decided to take matters into my own hands and combine my love of art, design, and alternative fashion with high-quality activewear to produce a unique blend of sporty garments with gothic designs.

The more I wore my sample garments, the more I fell in love with them. Not only because I was proud to see my art come to life, but also because they were extremely comfortable! So much so that I started wearing my usual clothing less.

From there, I began to wear them on a more regular basis – daily walks, supermarket trips, dressing them up as outfits to meet friends, fitness classes, gym sessions, and simply days when I didn’t make it past the sofa.

I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed wearing them, and it was at this point that the concept for Bonnie’s Bat Boutique was born. I wanted everyone to have a taste of the spooky comfort life, which included clothing that was flexible, durable, had no rubbing seams, and, most importantly, leggings that passed the squat test.

We’ve finally arrived. Since then, I’ve collaborated with an incredible group of designers to add more variety and new designs to the mix. We have further ideas for going beyond activewear into different types of clothes, accessories, and home goods, all of which will fill your little black heart with what it desires

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Your Loungey Cornish Goth,


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